IKIJI SUVIN T Shirts (White)

IKIJI SUVIN T Shirts (White)


Craftsmanship of Japan
( Make in Japan )


IKIJI was founded in Japan by a group of craftsman with outstanding skills. Our products include cut & sewn, shirts, leather accessories and denim. We have created a network of top-class factories in Japan, producing high quality products with years of accumulated skills and know-how.

From the development of materials and creation of samples to production, our high quality manufacturing is made possible through our history and the trust that we have established over the years. This is the strength of IKIJI.

Suvin T-shirts using Indian suvin cotton. The sense of casualness of the T-shirts disappears by switching the hem, and a more elegant impression.

*Suvin is the finest cotton known as Super Three along with Sea Island cotton and Giza 45. 

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