YASHIKI Arare Knit(Brown)

YASHIKI Arare Knit(Brown)


[ 冬支度 ] Fuyujitaku


Bustling flogs choir changed to insects lullaby..


Refreshing wind has been changed to icy wind,

getting into your skin like a pricked needle.


as you feel, winter is coming.


People forget, they were walking through on the red autumn leaves carpet.

their mind is full of prepartation for winter.


Earthen wall covered with straw,

Roadside tree with Yukitsuri,

We even think they looks like wanting snow to fall onto them 


the scenery makes you stop on the way home with your grocery bag and stare.

It is Kanazawa’s scenery.


Snow thunder,

Tells you to be fast to go home. 


Tonight will snow, probably.


YASHIKI 2019AW COLLECTION theme “Fuyujitaku”

we visualized with a scenery and people’s life preparing for severe winter in Kanazawa.

Arare Knit

Inspired by thunder of the winter of Hokuriku-region which called “Buri-okoshi” and “Yuki-okoshi”. Torso by lead coloured cloud, side by thunder and arms inspired by accumulated snow, complete the image of winter sky in Hokuriku.

YASHIKI designed knit with dropped shoulder inspired by Japanese Kimono which give us a soft impression.

Patterns inspired by family crest which is YASHIKI’s brand icon on both cuffs.

Made in Japan

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