YASHIKI Setsuen Hanten Knit(Lime)

YASHIKI Setsuen Hanten Knit(Lime)




When the first snowflakes fell, I forgot everything and ran outside.


I got up before anyone else the morning it snowed.


First to the fluffy snow that no one has found yet.

I can't just jump in there and leave a footprint.

Just poking at the snow on the trees and dropping it off made me smile.


Heading to school, breaking the ice that had formed on the path to school

The smooth road trampled by cars is a skate park

I was happy to see that the place was the same as it always was, but with an extra playground.


The darkened window As I lie in bed, I look out

Vague light at the foot of Mt.

What ski resort is that?


It's snowing again outside.


YASHIKI20AW COLLECTION is based on the theme of playing in the snow

Childhood memories and snowy scenery.

Using a technique called “Plating knitting” that using different yarn in front and back side. This creates a depth by seen back side yarn from the front side.

YASHIKI designed knit with dropped shoulder inspired by Japanese Kimono which give us a soft impression. Patterns inspired by family crest which is YASHIKI’s brand icon on both cuffs.

Made in Japan

*Model is 168 centimeters and wears size S.