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CURLY is a Japanese brand founded in 2009, focused on the finest quality and stylish ‘cut and sew’ garments designed and crafted in CURLY’s factory in Japan.
CURLY has paid meticulous attention to superior original fabrics and the highest production techniques. Inspired by elements of work, sports and military, each of well-designed and high-detailed pieces deliver superior comfort with modern look for quality of everyone’s daily life.CURLY takes its name from the end of curled “cut and sew” fabric in sewing.


FACTORY in Kagawa

In 1963, CURLY’s original company was founded in Kagawa, Japan as a glove maker. Kagawa is famous for making the best gloves in Japan. (Share of 90% in Japan)
In 1968, we established a new factory making T-shirts and undergarment using elaborate technique necessary for sewing gloves. In the beginning, we exported Made in Japan “cut and sew” t-shirts.
However, with the rapid appreciation of yen, we were forced to change our business from export to concentrate on the domestic market in Japan. During our peak domestic production, we shipped products weekly by chartered trucks with our overwhelming production ability. Our goal was to make the highest quality products by constantly improving the production line.
Though most of our competitors decided to move their production overseas to take advantage of the cheap labor force, we stuck to the principle of domestic production to maintain our quality. Presently hard hit by depression surrounding the manufacturers, we began to seek our way of surviving irrespective of trading partners.
In 2009, CURLY was born by a splendid encounter with the current designer, Hiroyuki Ito. We started producing “CURLY” aiming at the “cut and sew”brand superior to the concept of cut and sew t-shirts. We have made it possible not only to sew at our factory, but to design for the original fabric, make patterns and choose even sewing specifications under the same roof. By doing so, we can produce the finest quality by communication directly with each other in detail.

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