The first collaboration product LOWIS is practical and functional.
Made in a small atelier in Berlin by our craftsman with full of care.
Moleskin coated with paraffin wax and bees wax makes it much tougher for your heavy carries. 


Nowhow Studio is directed by two Japanese artists based in Berlin. Started with the motivation comes from "how" create and express our own "now". Our products and online contents are carefully curated and designed as simple and basic aesthetics by our own hands.

We would like to share the way to rethink and choose how you consume what you wear and own. We choose materials ourself with a local suppliers and all handmade in our studio. We do not stock our products. Therefore, we are taking a style of made of order for every products and will be included the one year guarantee of free repair service


We support slow fashion.
Buy less, and use longer what you really need and love. 

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 Moleskin is one of the strongest cotton fabric used for a workwear in old times in Europe. Clothing made from moleskin is noted for its softness and durability.

We coated 3 layers of paraffin and bees wax to make this moleskin fabric much stiffer and stronger. As well known, functions as a waterproof bag for daily use and protect your precious goods by rains.

Wax coating makes white lines and wrinkles by using. You can enjoy the transformation of the material day by day. Iron it with a cooking paper if you want to make it stiffer again.



Big capacity which able to insert A3 size and also foldable to almost A5 size.

Wax coating makes fabric stiffer and can fold tightly. 



LOWIS is inspired by the vintage coal bag. Aiming of timeless and genderless deign for everyone. 

N STORE and NOWHOW are both support slow and conscious fashion.


Buy less, use longer.

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