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POPEYE  Issue 873

POPEYE Issue 873

What is POPEYE magazine?


POPEYE magazine is the “Magazine for City Boys”. The founders printed this on the cover of the magazine when it debuted in 1976. What’s a “city boy”? The term doesn’t appear in the dictionary and no expert panel could define it. So we felt we should explore every aspect of what this “city boy” might be. After decades of debate, it still makes for a topic of lively discussion. It can be a style or a way of thinking. To get an idea of what makes a city boy, read POPEYE magazine.

Issue 873

Girlfriend ’20

If a boy looked freezing, his girlfriend would offer him her gloves; always such sweetness and consideration. Then, I started wondering what I could do for my amazing girlfriend. Things like booking a fancy restaurant, or giving something nice to her for no reason. We may decide that we are the ones for each other one day, and then what happens next? Getting married? Now I can’t stop thinking about her!


What’s inside

- Going all the way to a museum.

- Great date, forever!

- Small gift for an ordinary day.

- Think about the wedding.

+ many more regular features, including POPxEYE and popeye notes.

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