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Kanai Kogei, which is responsible for mud dyeing of authentic Amami Oshima Tsumugi, performs natural dyeing, including the traditional technique of mud dyeing, which has been handed down to Amami since ancient times.

At the studio, we start by collecting the tache wood and making dyes, and then perform natural dyeing from Oshima Tsumugi yarn and kasuri to meet the needs of various fields.

What is a Tenugui?

A tenugui  is a thin Japanese hand towel made from cotton and has a similar function to towels, being used as a washcloth or dishcloth, for example. 

They are often used as headbands, souvenirs, decorations, or for wrapping bottles and similar items. Towels made from terry cloth have largely replaced tenugui in household use. However tenugui are still popular as souvenirs, decorations, and as a head covering in kendo, where it functions as a sweatband and provides extra padding beneath the headgear.

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